4 Reasons Why Deciding To Buy a Domain Name from a Reseller Over a Registrar Can Be Advantageous

Buy a Domain Name from a Reseller

The process of building out a website starts with buying a good domain name. You’ll then look out for a reliable web hosting provider to host your domain name. The last step is creating your website with a platform like WordPress or Blogger. When acquiring a domain name, you have two options; to buy a domain name from a web hosting company and host your site with them (bundle plan) or to buy a domain name from a registrar and sign up to a web hosting provider separately. You can also buy a domain name from a reseller who is authorized by a registrar. The reseller can be your web hosting provider or anyone else. Buying your domain name from a trusted reseller comes with numerous advantages over buying from a domain name registrar. Here’s why:

1. You can buy a domain name at a rock-bottom price from a reseller

Buy a Domain Name from a ResellerLet’s face it; customers, regardless of their financial position, take pricing serious when buying products or services. The same applies to purchasing domain names. You can find pretty competitive domain name prices from resellers than registrars. Registrars’ prices are typically higher than resellers’ prices because they want to discourage prospective customers from buying on their platform due to additional costs of support and domain name management. Resellers often order domain names in bulk, so they get pretty good discounts, which they transfer to their customers. For example, you can get a good domain name going at $40 on a registrar’s website, but when you check a reseller’s website, you find the same domain name retailing at $15. It means that buying from a reseller translates to huge savings for your online business, especially if you plan to acquire multiple domain names.

2. You benefit from easy integration if you buy a domain name from a reseller

Domain names cannot function by themselves. They have to be integrated into a website, e-commerce store or any other online platform. These days, resellers such as web hosting providers offer customers impressive bundled plans, which mean that if you buy a domain name and hosting from them, they seamlessly integrate your online platforms like websites, blogs, or e-commerce stores with your domain names for free. This alleviates the hassle of having to configure your domain name with your online platforms yourself. Cross-linking of two separate services can be a daunting task if you don’t have the skills to do it.

3. Domain name registration and hosting from a reseller’s website guarantees you support and Domain Name Service Management

Buy a Domain Name from a ResellerOne of the most important aspects of buying a domain name is support services. A Reseller can guarantee personalized support for your domain name compared to a registrar. This means that if you run into a problem with your domain name, you can easily and conveniently contact the reseller through their support portal and get your problem fixed quickly. Some resellers have taken their services up a notch by offering direct phone conversations with support or providing remote configurations for your domain. While cases of domain glitches are rare, you might need assistance when forwarding your domain, changing web hosting provider or when creating a separate domain account. When looking to configure your Domain Name Servers, you’ll certainly need support since any error can lead to a longer downtime, which is bad for business.

4.  notch features and freebies when you buy a domain name from a reseller

Most resellers go an extra mile to attract and retain their customers. They do this by offering top level features and freebies; for instance, they can allow you to register domain name free when you use their hosting services, offer free hosting account or provide free WHOIS domain name protection. Registrars may not have the capacity to personalize their services because their focus is on bulk selling of domain names.

Buy a Domain Name from a Reseller